If you are interested in trialling contact lenses, simply book an appointment with your preferred branch.

At Brown Opticians we strongly believe that everyone has the right to know of all the vision correction options open to them so that they can make an informed decision about what’s right for their needs. Contact lenses provide a great alternative for people who need vision correction but want the freedom of not needing to wear glasses.

Despite popular belief, contact lenses are suitable for almost everybody because of the advances in technology in recent years. This includes people who usually wear varifocals and people with astigmatism. With a versatile range of contact lens options available in store, Brown Opticians can offer contact lenses to suit the individual requirements and vision of people of all ages.

If you don’t currently wear contact lenses, they may be a somewhat scary prospect. The truth is, many of the myths surrounding contact lenses are simply not true. To quash a popular rumour, we must stress that a contact lens cannot get lost behind your eye, nor can it permanently stick to your eyeball.

At Brown Opticians, you’ll benefit greatly from our optician’s years of experience working with contact lens wearers. At the initial appointment you will be advised on the lenses that would best suit you and your lifestyle, for example choosing between daily and monthly lens options. Before you get your lenses, you will be taught how to insert and remove them, and how to carefor them properly.

Different Types of Lenses

If you wishto discover how easy they are to wear, it is as simple as making an appointment. Our experienced team and onsite optomoterist will be more than happy to guide you through the options available to you and explain the different types of contact lenses available.

Soft Lenses

Daily disposables: Replaced on a daily basis and are a convenient option for people eho do not wish to wear contact lenses every day and would like an alternative to glasses.

Regular replacement lenses: These contact lenses are replaced either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are a commonly worn to give adaptable and personalised prescription vision correction.

Annual replacement contact lenses are also available in soft or hard (gas permeeable) designs.