Why is eye care for children important?

Eye care for children is often overlooked unless there is an obvious issue. Your child’s formative years are when most of their visual development takes place, so it’s important to identify and treat any eye sight issues as early as possible.

Eye examinations are very important to ensure normal vision development and confirm that children have the vision skills required for school work and other activities. Most children have a vision check while at nursery, but you should bring your child in to get a comprehensive eye exam before they go into full-time education. Vision screenings are limited, tired eye tests that help identify children who are at risk of vision problems, and are not carried out by opticians. They do not serve as a substitute for a full eye exam.

It is important to have regular eye tests to ensure that any irregularity in your child’s eyes are detected and treated as young as possible. If conditions are treated early on it can greatly reduce the impact on their personal development.

Our service at Brown Opticians.

We offer a fun and friendly service that is designed to be conductive with their age and abilities. Our computerised testing equipment means that if your child is not able to read, or perhaps lack confidence, we can use alternative tests to enable us to assess their eyes effectively.

If you feel anxious about bringing your child in to see us, we would like to reassure you that our team are extremely experienced in putting children at ease. We aim to make your child’s eye examination a fun, simple and magical experience.

Eye examinations are free and we supply a range of glasses free of charge for children.


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