OCT is a new imaging technique that offer a ‘high-definition’ detailed cross-sectional image of the back of the eye. It works in a similar way to ultrasound and is an extremely advanced health check for people of all ages. It doesn’t just scan the back of your eye, but sees under the retina to parts that cannot be seen by ordinary examination. The retina is the light sensitive area at the back of your eye, equivalent to film in a traditional camera, and it has 10 layers.

Normal testing room equipment or retinal cameras only allow a view of the top layer. Many diseases begin their damage in the layers of the retina below the surface and the OCT can view all these layers in cross section. The scan is easy to conduct, simple and painless, and only takes a few seconds to complete. Results are available instantaneously and it is a great way for patients to gain a better understanding on their eye condition.

Available in selected branches.