Our Eye Care Report, is a simple yet effective update which we provide when we carry out every Eye Examination.

This can be used by staff, residents and family members alike. This reduces any unnecessary paperwork, leaving your team to concentrate on what they do best.

We will also avail of any information provided by carers and family members on patient’s behaviour, mobility and how they interact with their environment. All this information along with the optometrist’s professional clinical opinion can be used to decide on the overall health of the eyes and if spectacles are benefit to the patient.

There is a big misconception that people with dementia do not need an eye examination. The main reason we hear is that the patient is confused, they do not wear glasses or that the patient does not read or watch TV.

Our opticians have being treating dementia patients for many years we have seen behaviours, which were being induced by sight problems, being solely and wrongly put down to dementia. If we fail to address the sight problem we will lose the opportunity to improve quality of life, independence, mobility and safety of the person we care for.

A person’s sight is a part of a person’s overall health and should be monitored in much the same way we monitor nutrition and stimulation. As opticians who specialise in the eye care for dementia patients we would like to help other health care providers in the continuous care of these patients.